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Penny Pepperstein

Penny Pepperstein is a name given to me by a famous musician. It will probably be the name you think of whenever we meet. I started my concert adventures at the age of 7. Granted, it was John Denver. but well that's when it all began. I am everything about the arts. Music, Writing, Visual and Performance. I love each muse almost equally I became a concert photographer late n life but early in the heart. I love it. I hope you do too. I began this magazine as just a blog site almost 10 years ago and it's kept me busy and given me an exhaustion you can only get from doing something you love. So, please, have a look around the site. If you see something you like, tell me as I am my own worst critic and your feedback is everything. 

In the last 35 years I am lucky to see some of the best known artist in the world and over the last 5 years been able to photograph a few of them, too.  I am a classic rock junkie. My entire mental photo album has a song attached to it each one. No joke. Everyone. Well, ok, almost.  

Lucy Lennon

I’m a twice divorced mother of teenage boys.  I’ve always had a love of music, both live and recorded.  In college I majored in Radio Broadcasting and was able to experience lots of great shows at The Ranch Bowl as well as Westfair, Sokol and beyond.  I still try to see as many live shows as I can, and I get the pleasure of taking my boys with me to experience the magic that is live music.  Some of my favorite shows I’ve been to are Prince, Tom Petty, & Alice Cooper.  I will never miss a chance to see Green Day, Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac or Matchbox Twenty. My ultimate bucket list show was David Bowie, unfortunately I never got a chance to make that happen.  I love to hear stories about people’s favorite concerts, so follow me on Twitter (@Lucy_OmahaView) and share your stories!