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The Midwest Welcomes Wu Tang Clan

Midwest Welcomes Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan performed at Harras Stir Concert Cove Summer Series on August 1st, 2019:

Wu Tang Clan received one hell of a Midwest welcome as they took the stage at Stir Concert Coves' summer series last Thursday night! This crowd was ready for them and they held nothing back. Right out of the gate...Wu did not disappoint. They had the crowd moving and singing along to every song. Three songs into the set list, Method Man announced they would be playing their album, "36 chambers"

in its entirety! The fans went crazy! Being a longtime fan of Wu, I was pretty, damned pumped myself! It's hard to hold the camera steady and take mental notes when every song they played reminds you of where you were in 1993 when you first heard the CD. It was nostalgic, raw, and well executed. They sounded amazing!

After the first song was over, the Clan paid tribute to one of the founding members, "Old Dirty Bastard" Flashing his picture on stage for fans to remember. Wu stayed on stage for over two hours keeping the crowd rolling along on their musical journey! The excitement never died down and neither did The Wu Tang Clan! It was an amazing night and I am so happy to see this band still having a blast with their music, still getting their message out and keeping their fans moving with every beat and singing to every lyric.

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