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Dan + Shay Shows, Omaha Their Bigger Houses!

Updated: Apr 18

Dan + Shay a couple of good ol boys directly from the heart of Nashville but as country as that might sound these two, Grammy Award winning hotties are a “little bit” pop music too. Dan is Dan Smyers and Shay is Shay Mooney. The duo met in Nashville at a house party and the first song they wrote were sold to Rascal Flatts. Well, let me tell you this, Saturday night at the CHI Health Arena  these guys were singing their ballads they wrote for their Omaha fans! THe show went something like this…

The Heartbreak on the Map tour kicked off with dynamic performances by Hailey Whitters and Ben Rector, setting the stage for the main event.

Just as the anticipation crescendoed, the stage, shaped like a plus symbol, was illuminated by backlight, casting a dramatic silhouette on Dan + Shay as they made their grand entrance to the deafening cheers from the CHI Arena.

They started the night of harmony songs with “Save Me The Trouble” followed by, “Alone Together” and “All To Myself”. Dan and Shay wasted no time setting the mood of love, nostalgia and feelings, on the stage behind them were several large screens, projecting scenery, photos, videos, and shots of their wildly, excited fans. Taking brief pauses between songs to connect with their audience. They expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the fans' unwavering support, relishing in the collective energy of the Saturday night crowd, promising “Omaha” they’d be back. 

Their ballads and upbeat anthems, their natural charisma and energy was felt not by just the fans in the audience but I have to admit, I was feeling it too and by the middle of the show, I was surprised, my feet were moving of their own accord! When the song “10,000 Hours” started, saying that “the crowd went wild” would be kind of an understatement, but it's the best way I can explain it. 

As the night was coming to a close and it was time for the encores I was more than a little surprised when the stage showed a house back lit with only the windows shining through. When the stage lights came on there was Dan and Shay sitting on the same house shown on the cover of their latest album Bigger Houses. I inhaled with surprise as did the rest of the arena and the harmony of the “Bigger Houses” song began. The fans went nuts, I clapped and hooted and smiled,too! “Speechless" and lastly with the duo’s Grammy winning song and raining confetti from the sky, “Tequila” finished off the night.  

The good and positive energy brought by Dan and Shay made for an awesome night of singing and dancing. As a concert lover but even more as a new fan of the artists, I can proudly say that their concert was just one that made you feel good. 

Penny Pepperstein signing off from the

Dan + Shay Bigger Houses Tour 2024, 

Until Next Time, See you soon, See you there!

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