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Penny's Back! Let The Interviews Begin At Benevolent Studios!


                  By, Penny Pepperstein Do you remember the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, Ne? I know I do. Some of the best named artist played in that venue. From L.A. Guns in 1988 to the last performance featuring Mindless Self Indulgence in May of 2005. If you live in Omaha or the surrounding area you have at least heard of the Ranch Bowl. You may have even been there before and remember seeing a band for the first time, that memory lives on forever. Just like any good concert you have been too. You will talk about it for decades with your old friends and your new friends. Terry Daniels and Em Taulborg are a husband and wife team that believe in two things: good tattoo's and good live music. On Halloween of 2007 Terry and Em held a memorable show at their farm. Terry's band “All Out Aggression” opened the night with some original, balls to the wall, metal music. These shows continued on the farm, giving original bands such as the one man “hip hop” band, Digga DJ, the kick ass rock n rollers, Minnahoonies and the well known bloodcow a place to hone their craft and build a larger fan base. With more bands and more artists coming to perform, Terry and Em decided it was time to move the farm shows to a bigger venue. They found a building in Hamburg, IA that fit the bill perfectly. With their eye on the diamond they built this new place into a generous concert hall. Benevolent Studios is now a home to promising new bands and for the more established musicians to come together for a music blow out! There can never be another Ranch Bowl and we can't capture lightening in a bottle twice. What we can do is have an amazing new venue with the same historical idea of a old beloved one. Benevolent Studios will provide a home for original musicians who need a fantastic stage to be seen and heard. Benevolent Studio's and the fans that love the bands, could take serious musicians to the next level. Someone could be talking about your band for decades. The Ranch Bowl had musicians in the right place at the right time. Everyone of them started small with a handful of followers. Benevolent Studio's can provide an opportunity to be the right musician at the right place and time. With that being said you just might be the next Green Day, Pearl Jam, Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Bad Brains and hundreds more that fit your genre. There is room for every original band that wants to perform at Benevolent. Give yourself that chance, give new fans that opportunity to say “fuck yeah I saw that band and I am going to see them again next weekend!” Posted 14th June 2014 by Penny Pepperstein

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