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Drag Me to the 80’s @ The Venue at Harrah’s

It was an evening of big hair, bright colors & fabulous performances. In honor of the Boy George/Culture Club performance coming up on August 11th, Anna Roxia and Harrah’s threw an 80’s drag party and everyone was invited. Patrons were encouraged to come dressed in their 80’s best for a chance to win a pair of Meet & Greet passes to the show.

The evening kicked off with Anna Roxia (IG: annaroxia) leading the audience through an 80’s montage that ended with a visit from Patrick Swayze and some clay. Anna also lead the performances with a medley of Cyndi Lauper songs. Midway through the show, Anna took the stage again with an amazing performance of “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” from Mannequin, complete with her co-star mannequin. She took the stage with a presence and energy that shows why she now works the stage in Vegas. Throughout the evening, the girls would take the stage multiple times, each time showing off a new wardrobe and look.

Cassandra Evans was the Boy George impersonator for the evening, performing a variety of Culture Club songs with spot on costuming and dances.

Sophia Kennedy (IG: thesophiakennedy) followed with a performance of Material Girl, complete in a handmade pink gown and fur coat. Sophia not only channeled Madonna, but also Gloria Estefan with “Turn the Beat Around” and Whitney Houston while performing “How Will I Know”. Each time, Sophia came out giving the performance her all.

Venus Shakers (IG: venus_shakers) took the stage showing Janet Jackson realness. Her performance of “Escapade” was received with rousing cheers from the crowd. Her follow-up performances of “It’s Raining Men” & “Turn Back Time” were also done with her amazing, hair-whipping energy that flung the crowd into a frenzy.

Evian Mangold (IG: evian_mangold) started her evening performing “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, a fitting performance to go with her signature handlebar mustache. Her follow-up performance was “These Dreams” by Heart.

Lucy Furr-Roxia (IG: nottodaylucyfurr), drag-daughter of the MC for the evening, Lucy hit the stage with all the theatrics you would expect from a drag show, and then some! Representing 80’s gamers, Lucy performed a mash-up of “Bad” & “Bad Reputation” as Bowser from Super Mario. Her 2nd performance was a duet of “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors with a sock puppet. Her final performance was “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, as Ursula with a bit of “I Put A Spell on You” at the end for good measure.

Giselle (IG: theonlygisellejacobs) opened her evening with “I’m Coming Out”, followed by “(It’s Just) The Way That You Love Me” and finally “Sweet Dreams” complete with Annie Lennox red wig. Giselle is a statuesque woman that knows how to work the stage. Her make-up & costumes brought the drama that complimented her performances.

The final performer for the evening was Chanel Savage (IG: chanelsavage_). Her first performance was “The Pleasure Principle”, which ended with her dropping into a flawless split and bringing the house down! Not only did her performance include amazing Janet choreography, but a spot-on Janet outfit. Her remaining performances were “Let’s Hear It for The Boy” and “Been Around the World”. The dress for her last performance had an amazing train that flowed behind her as she walked the room.

The evening capped off with a costume contest for the Boy George Meet & Greet passes. Yours truly was runner-up to a guy in short gym shorts and athletic socks that did a high kick at the end of the runway. There is no way I can compete with that, he was a worthy champion and well deserving of the passes. I have listed the girls Instagram handles as I could find them above. Please go follow them to stay up to date on the latest shows and looks they are serving! It was an amazing night and I cannot wait until the next show!

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