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The Upright Man Is Laid Back

Upright Man Album Cover

The New York band Upright Man, released its self-titled debut album on Aug. 18th 2017. It seems they have been labeled as part of the Indie-Rock genre but there is no genre that truly fits this band. With the harmony of the Eagles, the psychedelic style of Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead and sounds of Zeppelin, the Beatles, and maybe just of touch of Alice In Chains puts this threesome to the talented side of the eclectic, music spectrum. This cocktail of genres, lets you easily tell who the Upright Man’s music influences are.

I always like to start a review with the song on the album that I like best. Track #4 “Upright Man” is a bluesy, bass driven sound and harmonious vocals of all three band mates, making this a good ol’ fashion rock n roll song. At the other end of the album’s continuum, the song, “Three Easy Pieces” gives a sad, lost feeling about a man in turmoil. Add the soft piano that is the focal point of this heartbreaking song, that makes you want to lay on your sofa, close your eyes and just feel.

Upright Man is,

Aidan Dolan (guitar/vocals), Nick Katz (bass/vocals) and Max Yassky (drums/percussion/background vocals, and are extremely talented musicians, with impressive vocals and music harmonies that make this band stand out. The MP3 of this album is available now on, Amazon, Spotify and ITunes. I have purchased my copy on Amazon and listen to it in the mornings with my coffee, and I love it! If you are old school, as I am, you can reserve the CD format that is soon to be released for purchase, and as I prefer to have a CD in my car, I will be making that purchase too.

You will find those available on the same sites listed. Upright Man is in the last leg of their tour and will be seen in a couple more cities in New York, and I hope they will venture closer to the Midwest area, preferably Omaha and in my opinion, is the Indie music capital of the world!

You can find this amazing band on the Upright Man site:, Facebook: and also Twitter: and many more. Check out Upright Man and enjoy this artistic band.

This is Penny Pepperstein signing off. If you see me, I am there to see you.

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