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Give Me Your Music

I have been reviewing album's all of my life. I know you have too, that's how you found music, right? When the Kiss' Animalize album was released, I must have listened to it a thousand and one times. "Heaven's On Fire"! That opening howl of Paul Stanley reaches a crescendo that leads to a unison of a perfect musical explosion. With three main chords and a lot of distortion this song was a hot, full on headbang and was a notorious, signature sound, for Kiss. Not to mention it was a highly controversial song, wasn't it?

When "Shout At The Devil" by Motley Crue hit the airwaves in 1983, what kid didn't get an earful about the evil in that song? But those who bitched, (mostly parents) never listened to the words. Motley Crue did have something to say to the devil and we were suppose to shout that sh*t!

Remember when Madonna was a virgin, again? The Like A Virgin album hit the shelves (1984 Like A Virgin album) and my mom was completely stunned by the sheer title of the song. I studied that cover intently (that Boy Toy wedding dress) all while listening to every word, her style, her voice and well, her virginity or lack there of, but yet again we know the words tell us that she FELT like a virgin. I mean who really wants to be a virgin again? It sucked! She knew it and you know it.

So I digress, "Give Me Your Music" is exactly what I mean. Give me your CD, Vinyl, MP3 or cassette if you still rock that angle and I will give you my review. It will be honest and objective of course but it will also be kind. I don't slam anyone's hard work for my own reward. I listen as you would want a new fan to listen and then explain it to the world. (Pretty sweet, huh?)

Couple rules here (nothing to painful):

I need a mastered copy of your latest recorded music in any format.

No live recordings. If that is all you have, invite me to your next gig and I will do a live performance review and publish it on my Penny Review's Rock review site.

Cover bands, unless you have an original song in your mix. I would much rather do a live review for you as well.

I will listen to any genre but understand that I have little knowledge of:

Screamo, Emo, or types of music that is not meant for the listener to hear or understand any of the lyrics. As deep as that may be to you, it does makes it hard for me to hear what is being said, if I can't understand the lyrics, I start the review process with a slight handicap.

"So come on and bring your juke box money" and let me do what I was born to do, write about your music.

You can message me at:

PS. Not all music examples given above are the only generation/genre of music I review or listen to. They are just music from a generation I know well. These are just examples of my style of writing an album review.

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