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Prince Died Today...

He may seem like just another musician or celebrity but to me, he was more than just Prince. I can’t believe it has taken something like this for me to write about him.

I began my journey with Prince when I was about 13. He was everywhere. Movie, albums, songs, etc.…you couldn’t throw a rock without hearing his name.

The movie Purple Rain had been released to HBO that same year and all I wanted was to watch and hear what everyone was talking about. Back then Purple Rain could only be seen at night due to its sexual content. I remember staying up late on a school night to watch it; it would air at midnight, and my mom had gone to bed at nine. Right at midnight I crept out of my room into the living room and turned on the only TV in the house. I sat on the floor thinking that somehow I would be more invisible if my mother should catch me up at midnight, on a school night, watching Prince get it on with Apolonia.

That was the first-time Prince had grabbed my attention, grabbed my heart and would forever hold on to it. I had gone from sitting on the floor in the middle of the room remote in hand, (case I had to shut it off quickly) to now having my ear pressed against the TV speaker to avoid turning it up. "The Beautiful Ones." He whispered that question “If we got married…would that be cool?” I still get goose bumps just thinking about that song. That was the moment. I went to school the next day floating on air. I wasn’t tired at all I was in love, and I couldn't stop thinking about him.

Prince had set the bar high that night because every song I would ever hear again after that, had to live up to that bar. That was when music became art for me. And that is what Prince was, art and on so many levels visual, poetry, music, love, dance and acting. Every muse wanted a piece of him and he them.

I have had to stop so many times today to get control of my tears. I am not embarrassed by my grief for someone I have never met or knew personally, because he knew me. Prince was the longest boyfriend I have ever had. For 30 years, he was unfailingly there for me at a moment’s notice, and he always knew just what to say and the right way to say it. He told me I was sexy, beautiful, loved and yes, even a little dirty, but most of all he made me dance and dance I did.

I have probably played every song I know by Prince in my head in the last 24 hours and half of those on the radio too. When I hear the songs, I feel better. Watching Purple Rain with a pillow close to my chest, curled up in the fetal position crying so hard snot was running down my face. I remembered that moment sitting on the floor, in the middle of the night, falling in love, this made me feel better, also.

Prince may have died today, but he will always be there for me when I need him the most. Tonight, it just might be dancing because all he ever wanted was to see me laughing in the Purple Rain...  

that means you too!

This blog is dedicated to Shellie. You were the one who saw it all. Thank you for listening to the everlasting useless knowledge of Prince. For watching me dance and witnessing the smiles.

Posted 21nd April 2016 by Penny Pepperstein

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