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Penny Is Down Under with The North Fork

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

By, Penny Pepperstein

Dude! Wait! Let me explain… This was my first time in the new location of The Down Under located on 35th and Leavenworth and I give a kudos, the design has more room and more tables. The lighting feels more like a venue than just a bar and the stage is raised and the bands are so much easier to see now. I am going to make this The Down Under a home bar for myself. The prices were so reasonable! I spent ten dollars, three beers makes me a light weight, but even you heavy weights out there won’t be able to complain. Now let’s get down to the main event. I found the band The North Fork on the DU (Down Underwill be referred to as DU for the remainder of this article) website/Facebook and saw The North Fork band being scheduled to perform Saturday night. I began my band stalking as I normally do to learn more about them. I noticed that not only did they have an actual website, it was extremely well built. It was professional, plenty of visual artwork (by David Titterington-- and 3 albums with a plethora of music to listen too.  I have already bought a CD and downloaded the album titled Highlands to my MP3 and am jamming on it now. I got three words to describe North Fork here, O. M. G these guys gave me an unstoppable night entertainment with a collage of sound and genre. Folk music, progressive rock, psychedelic folk and even a little reggae, seriously the list goes on! If you are even remotely bored listening to these guys you need to check your pulse.

Let me introduce these friendly musicians to you so that you can say hello at their next show. Cole Jeffry the singer songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Cole was, without a doubt, enjoying every moment on stage, with his Paul Simon voice and hitting that wah-wah peddle that made his guitar sing along.  Marty Mootz, played a mean, lead guitar and sang a song or two with a laid back, bluesy sound to his vocals. Bass man! Mario Vlasic. What is it about a bassist who just flat out seem relaxed and enjoying their instrument no matter what it does!

Well Mario is no different. He is confident and totally digs his own music addition to the band. He kept in time with the drummer as well as the other band members smoothly and effortlessly with each song. You need to see him up front and close. He won’t disappoint. Lastly and never ever least, the drummer, Alex, who makes the songs come together. Alex made this band come alive and blend with the bassist giving the songs sustenance. This was a freakin’ cool night, with some freakin’ cool tunes. The entire band was a blast to watch. The North Fork with their fire to entertain made this a band I want to see again!! North Fork will be adding to their tour list very soon. Keep checking back to their facebook and website. This is Penny Pepperstein signing out. See you soon, See you there! PS Don’t forget to tip your bartender/server. Coming soon will be a new photography portfolio and will have a page dedicated to the feature artist of the week that I review on You can find this available at and will be up and ready in approx two weeks.

📷Posted 2nd May 2017 by Penny Pepperstein

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