• Lucy Lennon

Old Market's Newest Addition- Vinyl Cup Records

Vinyl Cup Records is the newest addition to the Old Market, and it feels like you are browsing through the records at a friend’s house. Which makes sense because that’s exactly how it got started.

Started as a Facebook group in August of 2017, owner Luke Dickens’ ran the business out of his house, and today the store keeps that same welcoming atmosphere. When the Facebook group grew, a few successful pop-up shops and a great Record Store Day event in April 2018, the idea had outgrown the house and needed to move to its own space. In August of 2018, Vinyl Cup records opened in Des Moines historic Beaverdale neighborhood and in March of 2019 expanded to include Marv’s in Des Moines, East Village.

Walking into the Old Market Vinyl Cup, you won’t find intimidating music snobs standing behind a counter; instead you find friendly staff around the store offering you a complimentary beverage as you browse the racks. Luke is wanting to spread his love of music and vinyl with everyone, not just the purists. The store is neatly set up with new and used sorted separately A-Z. You’ll also notice a section for Oh Boy Records, a label started by John Prine. Many of us have stories of how music saved us or being there in the tough times, one way or another, and John Prine was that for Luke. His love of the music led to