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Dustin Lynch’s Killed the Cowboy Tour

Dustin Lynch’s Killed the Cowboy Tour

By Emma Bermeo

A night of country music was the best intro into the concert photography and review world. Country music has always been my favorite, so I was excited to finally be able to capture a concert. Stir Cove was the last stop on the “Killed the Cowboy” tour. 

Skeez opened up the night with an original song that got the crowd moving. Cowboy boots and jeans were a common theme throughout all the concert attendees. Skeez’s raspy voice pumped up the crowd as he crossed the stage with a strong presence. His best friend, the acoustic guitarist, sang a slower song to pull on the heartstrings of the crowd. But right after, the cover of “Live Like You Were Dying” really got everyone singing along. “I Love My Homies” really helped end off the set with the crowd sending their hands high into the air. His excitement with this being the last concert led him to really interact with the crowd. 

As the sunlight dimmed, Dustin Lynch appeared on the stage ready to open up the “Killed The Cowboy” tour with the song that gave the tour its name. This energy really stayed true the whole concert. This sold out concert led Country Music Television to make an appearance on the Council Bluffs stage. Right after, “Stars Like Confetti” really invited the crowd to sing along. Hands were in the air and hips were moving along to the songs. The cover of “Chattahoochee” brought out everyone from the front to the back to sing along. 

Mother’s Day was a day away and Dustin Lynch wanted to celebrate his mom. His mom’s favorite song of his was “Good Girl.” This fun song led to a guitar trio that took the crowd’s breath away. Dustin shared his favorite song to sing which was about his grandpa and grandma which was “Cowboys and Angels.” Dustin wanted to celebrate his band, so he told the drummer to get his wife and baby on the phone to say happy mother’s day and happy birthday. What a thing to celebrate!

The night ended with the songs that changed Dustin Lynch’s life. “Thinkin’ Bout You” and “Small Town Boy” were a crowd favorite that got everyone stomping their feet and singing along. What a night! Boots walked out and cowboy hats rested on heads as people were “Ridin’ Roads” back home. 

Excited to see y'all here,

See you next time!

It’s Emma Grace, signing off! 

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