Domestic Blend

Hey, Penny here! Welcome back to Harney Street Tavern. I had such a good time last night that I had to go back again tonight. The band on the menu tonight had one of the more original names I had heard in awhile, Domestic Blend.

Domestic Blend is an original band with numerous genres of music. Reggae/soul/r&b and oh yes my fave, rock. Reggae and soul seem to be their home base, making everyone bounce their heads easily to the music. "Talk About It"  had a mature, adult contemporary feel that snuggling up close on the dance floor became an obsession. I just don't think my friend would have been to keen on that. Talk About It is a definite hit and should be on the air all across the globe (not even kidding). Brady's smooth as silk voice had everyone feeling relaxed and easy. A quick switch into rock was surprise and a treat to the senses. Add those beautiful eyes and dreads and you can sum Brady up in two words Yum-my. Not lying. Music and looks just screams a star.

Matt Jones, the bassist, was my favorite rock star of the night. He was, what I call, "gettin' down on it". Fully bearded and a ball cap, Matt became a character, one that had to be watched, listened and 'gettin' down on it' along with him. A bassist who loves the music of his own instrument is what makes a fan love him. Total entertainment.

Brandon on the drums, Sebastian on guitar and Nz-back up harmony as well as rap. These guys made the music happen, I mean they had me so captured in it I hoped the songs would never end.

I had a few minor complaints but nothing that will make it the end of the world for this band. The show was to start at 9 almost an hour later we were still waiting. This did give more show goers a chance to arrive and get their drinks. Later into the show one of the band members, NZ showed up a few songs into the set. This was a little confusing if you had never seen the band before