Bad Ass Blonde

by, Penny Pepperstein

I have two favorite songs that will get me dancing with no-tequila-shot required. One is Madonna’s, Vogue. The words, “What are you lookin’ at?” still get my ass wiggling and my hands forming picture frames around my face and god help me, and others, if I am driving and the song comes on the radio.

Blondie, however, has the song that will turn me into the hottest disco queen on the block. Or at least, in the house. “Heart of Glass” a song I never knew all the words until the Internet arrived. No matter, I understood enough and with Debbie Harry’s sweet, hypnotic voice, with just a hint of a pout, as she discovered the love that she thought was so great, turned out to be heartache. This was an all-girls-on-the-dance-floor type of song.

The Stir Cove on July 19, 2017 was my first time seeing Blondie and you would think watching her perform at age seventy-two might send me into some sort of regret for not seeing her in her younger years. Oh man, not even close. There was no damn way that woman was seventy-two years old. I honestly had no idea. She started the night off with “One Way Or Another” with the perfection of a well-established rock star. The gruff words “I’m gonna, getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha” made me feel as if I were being stalked myself. The tone for the show was set when Debby Harry had a black cape with the words “Stop Fucking The Planet.” This would be the emphasis of Blondie’s tour, supporting an album titled Pollinator that was released in May, 2017. After the first song break, she explained how the world must take care of the honey bees to help pollination.