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A Beautiful Night With Sheryl Crow by Penny Pepperstein

A Beautiful Night with Sheryl Crow by Penny Pepperstein

Tuesday night September 7th, 2021, performing at the Pinewood Bowl in Lincoln, Ne was the beautiful Sheryl Crow! The nine-time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter welcomed everyone with her second hit single “Everyday Is A Winding Road” and anyone who was still seated was now up, clapping hands and singing along. I took note of how incredibly petite she was even with her giant acoustic guitar. Dressed in all black attire except for her silver angel wings design on the back of her shirt and silver belt buckle, a colleague mentioned that she was 59 years old. I stared at him in disbelief for a moment, she still looked so young. Not 29 but surely not 59.

Sheryl wasted no time getting into her best hits as she started her first biggest hit, her first Grammy, and a much loved dance song “All I Wanna Do”.

With a quick cover of Bob Dylan’s “Everything Is Broken” she moved on to many more of her beloved songs. Such as her very autobiographical song “Leaving Las Vegas” and “Strong Enough” which happens to be my favorite for so many reasons. Being in love can be hard work sometimes and well sometimes men have a way of not getting it, not wanting to get it.

Sheryl affectionately talked about her 14 year old son and getting his first cell phone, which lead to her song about our dependence on social media and technology and then belts out the words “If I can’t be someone else, I may as well Be Myself.

A beautiful cool night for an outdoor concert at Pinewood Bowl, in Lincoln, Ne as Sheryl Crow ended the night with an encore with three songs. “It Don’t Hurt, A Change Would Do You Good” and I Shall Believe. For more photographs and to Like and Share:

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