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Jason Aldean We Back (in Omaha) Tour

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Jason Aldean We Back in Omaha

ACM ``Artist of the Decade” Jason Aldean swept through Omaha this week with his “We Back-Tour” a single released of the album''9 ``. February 7th, 2020 just days after the Post Malone ``Runaway Tour” hit the hot stage at the CHI Health Center but brought with him different kinds of sound. Like Post Malone, Jason Aldean couldn’t be type casted into one genre of music style. You could try but Jason and Post are proving you wrong. Jason sang country, rock, hip-hop and even sang a duet with Miranda Lambert digitally, of course.

He strutted his way back and forth the stage in his faded jeans and red t-shirt, featuring the Charlie Daniels Band. And let us not forget a country singer’s most treasured article of clothing choice. The hat. The cowboy hat. Crooning to over 14,000 standing people, a sold-out show, beers held high, fingers waving and shouting the words as if they wrote the song themselves. “Rearview Town” was a new song off the #1 LP titled “9”.

Kicking the night off with the song “Take A Little Ride” had the girls dancing, the announcement of a new whiskey Wolf Moon had the men dancing. Well, at least howling. I know there are many celebrities that sponsor their own brand, perfume, cologne, shoe etc...but for me, and this might not mean much, this is the first time I had heard of a whiskey brand being announced on stage by the artist. I am not big on artists making more money off their fans than ticket sales already cost but I suppose in this case, it fits. Country singers are hardworking, hard singin’ cowboys who still have their own whiskey. Therefore, their name should go on the bottle. Wait, maybe I should look those facts up first. Anyway back to the fun time at hand, I gotta say this, it was a night of good music that in my favor wasn’t too country and even the songs that were, just didn’t feel so, twangy. I danced a little, vowed to listen to some of the songs a little closer on the Amazon Prime’s playlists on the drive home. I didn’t do that and this article is in fact later than I like to put out but I wanted you to get a chance to hear a little of how things went.

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