Post Malone Runaway Tour First Stop...Omaha!

The Omaha View

Post Malone Runaway Tour

CHI Health Center Arena

February 4, 2020

Post Malone Runaway Tour

First Stop...Omaha!

I am always a little bummed out when I first hear an artist like Post Malone. It means I have been missing out on a catalog of music I might not have normally listened to. In my defense hip-hop/rap is just not my scene. I do hear songs and I am familiar with a name or two. My son sees to it that I have some knowledge of the artists of this genre. I appreciate it because understanding music with a huge emphasis on the performance of music is my sole job. Photographing and writing music is all I ever wanted to do, but I have always been indifferent to Rap or Hip-Hop because I don’t truly understand it - and that is not a negative or positive - it's just simply a preference.

The upside to hearin’ and diggin’ an established arti