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Post Malone Runaway Tour First Stop...Omaha!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

February 4, 2020

Post Malone Runaway Tour

First Stop...Omaha!

I am always a little bummed out when I first hear an artist like Post Malone. It means I have been missing out on a catalog of music I might not have normally listened to. In my defense hip-hop/rap is just not my scene. I do hear songs and I am familiar with a name or two. My son sees to it that I have some knowledge of the artists of this genre. I appreciate it because understanding music with a huge emphasis on the performance of music is my sole job. Photographing and writing music is all I ever wanted to do, but I have always been indifferent to Rap or Hip-Hop because I don’t truly understand it - and that is not a negative or positive - it's just simply a preference.

The upside to hearin’ and diggin’ an established artist like “Posty” for the first time is the exact same reasons I listed as a bummer. I am able to enjoy a new, large catalog of music. Post Malone provided me with the entertainment to do so last night. With his Ozzy t-shirt, casual jeans, and tattoos you might pigeonhole him to only one style of music, but that would be a mistake. When his latest song release Circles started its deep, bassy grooves, I noticed it had more of a Pop sound than Hip-hop. Post Malone strutted up and down the catwalk stage giving everyone a fair share of who he is and, tonight, he was an excited artist, opening his first show to a screaming fan-filled arena. If you think the craziness ended there, think again. When he announced Sunflower, from the soundtrack Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the excitement increased.

Now, let's get down to my favorites, that’s why we are all here, right? My favorite song of the night was his collaboration with The Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, Take What You Want. This made my ears perk up for the simple fact that not many artists can combine hip hop and metal. Ozzy’s eyes glowed through the darkness; the pyros flashed behind him. Post knelt and sang into his mic, eyes closed, and the crowd went nuts. This showed me Post Malone is a diverse, passionate artist who wants all listeners to tune in to his message.

Whether you were there to see him hip, hop, pop or just playing his acoustic guitar on a bar stool, you could say for certain Post Malone gave a well rounded, heartfelt music performance in Omaha, Nebraska last night.

If you were at CHI, hanging with Posty last night in downtown Omaha, give me a shout, I want to hear what you thought. Did you love it, hate it or just okay’d it?

Also performing that night: Swae Lee

This is Penny Pepperstein signing off. See you there, see you soon!

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