The Omaha View with Heart/Joan Jett Love Alive Tour @ Starlight Theater, KC

Updated: Aug 19

Love Alive Tour 2019

I always start an article with, growing up or when I was a kid. There is a reason for that, most of the artists that I photograph or journal about are from when I was growing up or when I was a kid. It’s the reason I cover them. Memories of time-ago, a time when music was everything and for me, that time is still going.

Seeing a concert was tough even if you had money to waste and I never did. So when I did get to go, it had better be worth it. Today it’s even worse, because today the prices can be upwards of a mortgage payment. So I definitely make it worth it.

Becoming a concert photojournalist makes that easier but not always. The cost may not be a factor as much as my time has become, but you better believe I work hard to get in front of that stage. I drive upwards of 3-6 hours, pay out of the nose for a camera, lenses and other gear. I get lost, wander around aimlessly, only to have security yell at me because I can’t come in with “that bag”.

Even after I just spent ten minutes explaining to the ticket scanner (20ft away) that I am a photographer, “that bag” is my camera and I have permission to be here.

If that weren’t enough, lights can make a shoot turn to shit in a hurry. Either by blowing out a picture with bright lights and pyros or the exact opposite. So dark you are lucky if you can see the outline of a person. That very artist you spent the last few months trying to get approval for photos, will glare at you, turn away or walk to the back of the stage. My personal favorite is when you get stuck back by the soundboard and you pray for any kind of decent photo at all.