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Collective Soul and Gin Blossoms

Updated: May 6

Performing together live at the The Stir Cove (Harrahs Casion) in Council Bluffs, Ia Aug. 30, 2019

The Gin Blossoms fired through an eighty or ninety minute set that included all the hits that you know and love. Of course Hey Jealousy is the band’s most recognizable song, I was definitely fan that night. But the Gin Blossoms is one of those bands that you probably know more of their music than you thought you might have. Their awesome set included Follow You Down, Even the Losers which was of course a great Tom Petty cover, Allison Road, Til I Hear It From You, Found Out About You, and Hey Jealousy.

At set break I chatted with a fan of Collective Soul, who explained how she loved both bands but was looking forward to CS because it was a band she listened to all the time as a kid and knew most of the music but had never seen them perform. She was thrilled she had this opportunity to see the Gin Blossons and was an awesome added bonus. The fans of both bands were excited, as it’s fitting of their more mature status with a more mature audience. We won’t say older, but you get what I mean.

Collective Soul hit the stage with instant energy and E Rowland jumped behind the keys and was ready to rock, opening with Observation of Thoughts. He had the crowd in his hands instantly.

CS fired off one hit after another, with the energy and tight arrangements of a band who has earned their longevity, through countless gigs and dedication to their art. Providing rock and roll with a nod toward the 90s and is their calling card and fans of both bands ate it up. Rowland alternated between keys, acoustic guitar, and was the quintessential front man at the mic.

Collective Soul played hits like the song Shine all to the end of the show. They also jammed out a few newer material for the fans, illustrating that they are not stuck on past music. Most of the way through the show they busted out a cover of fellow 90s artists REM and members of the Gin Blossoms appeared on stage to join the band’s version of The One I Love. It was a great night of memorable years of music. I would not hesitate to go to see both bands again! The Stir Cove has an amazing venue and provides an amazing experience to all your concert needs. The Omaha View is always stoked to provide media coverage to any performances at the Stir.

Collective Soul set list:

Observation of Thoughts



Why, Pt. 2

Better Now

Now’s the Time

Over Me

Precious Declaration


Right as Rain

AYTA (Are You the Answer)

The World I Know

Good Place to Start


The One I Love (R.E.M. cover) (with some of the Gin Blossoms)


Where the River Flows


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