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Mraz brings the beachy vibes to Stir

Sunday night in the heat at the Stir Cove, Jason Mraz, Mr. A-Z himself, brought his chill, beachy vibe to entertain the crowd. While he was definitely not dressed for the heat, donning a black t-shirt, black jeans & his signature trucker hat, it didn't stop him from enjoying himself. Mraz kept a relaxed vibe through the show, playing both radio favorites and some lesser known songs through his set. You do not go to a Jason Mraz show expecting an elaborate set or lots of pyrotechnics. Sounding very much like he does on his albums, you go to a Jason Mraz show to relax and enjoy the songs with your special someone. Shortly after the show began, Mraz jumped off the stage to take a picture with a fan that held up a sign asking for one. All through the night, the message was positivity, love and understanding, which was a much needed change of pace from the real world. Prior to going into "Lucky", which is usually a duet with Colbie Caillat, Mraz teased the crowd with the possibility of her surprise appearance, but quickly retracted his statement, earning mock jeers from the crowd. Overall, it was a fun, relaxing night where the crowd swayed along with the beat and forgot about life for a while.

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