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Train & Goo Goo Dolls roll through Stir Cove

Tuesday night, after a surprise downpour cleared out, Allen Stone, The Goo Goo Dolls and Train took over the Stir Cove. It was a Tuesday, but the bands made everyone feel like it was a Friday night with the flooding of the Missouri River on the west of Harrah's, the back lot was closed for parking, causing a bit of a delay for concert goers entering the venue. But seems everyone made it, because the crowd "flooded" right on past it and enjoyed the show!

Allen Stone took the stage as people were entering the Cove and entertained them with his soulful jazzy sound dare I compare a Hall & Oates bluesy style. Allen was blonde with blue eyes and had this R&B side to his voice that felt he could've been related to Stevie Wonder if only by voice alone. The song Brown Eyed Lover had people swaying and snapping fingers. I had never seen Allen before and to be honest was my first time hearing the music. The performance was outstanding and I bought the vinyl record on the spot. (written by Penny)

The Goo Goo Dolls were set to take the stage at 8 pm, but with the potential for additional storms, the band took the stage 15 minutes early to attempt to beat the weather. Playing an opener sized set didn't leave a lot of room for chatter. Johnnie, Robbie and the rest of the band came to the stage with an energy that shows they still love what they do and the songs they play. In a set that included the hits like, "Name", "Broadway" & "Iris", they also threw in a new song, "Miracle Pill". The new album of the same name drops this fall. It's the catchy, melodic sing-a-long we have all grown to love from the band.

Train hit the stage, opening with "Calling All Angels" and ran right into "50 Ways To Say Goodbye". I wasn't sure what to expect from the band since I'd never seen them before. I liked the songs on the radio, but every time I'd seen them live on TV, the sound was terrible. I can finally say that my fears were squashed and Pat and company sound great live. Singer Pat Monahan interacted with the crowd all night, putting on a show with the Maldonado brothers to help the sweaty crowd forget about the humidity. While rolling through the hits, the crowd got up and danced and sang along. A fun moment was Allan Stone taking the stage to join Pat in the duet "Bruises", usually sang by Ashley Monroe. A song that is normally about a couple of old friends potentially rekindling a relationship turned into a song about a couple of bros catching up on life. Closing out the show, the band sang a great rendition of "Under Pressure" that lead into "Soul Sister", which had the crowd singing louder than the band. All three bands put on a great show, and I can gladly say I will catch Train the next time they are in town.

It was a night of soul and The OV will be back!

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