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Bublé croons at Pinnacle Bank Arena

Michael Bublé brought his velvety smooth voice to Lincoln to serenade the crowd once again, 5 years after opening the arena. After taking time off in 2016 to be with his family while his son Noah battled cancer, he returned to the road this year with his wife and children along for the ride to celebrate successful treatment. Bublé mentioned many times through out the night how grateful he was to be back on the road and how much he appreciated the fans coming out to see him. While it sounds cliche, it truly seemed genuine when he said it. He started the night appearing at the top of a flight of stairs flanked by an orchestra on both sides while belting out the James Bond sounding "Feeling Good", he followed it with "Haven't Met You Yet".

He stopped to talk to the crowd between songs, telling jokes and interacting with the people around the stage. At one point, he saw himself on the drop down screens out in the arena and commented that he didn't realize his suit was so green and it made him look like a German military officer. The rest of the night, he would occasionally slip into a mock German accent.

His wife and children were seated on the floor off to the side of the stage and you could see his kids run up to the stage, hoping to get some attention through the night. His huge voice filled the arena with his hits as well as a catalog of standards that he has made his own. His style is reminiscent of Bobby Darin, which makes sense when he tells the story of spending time with his best friend, his grandfather, listening to Darin when he was younger. After getting the crowd up on their feet with a Pulp Fiction inspired twist during his version of "You Can Never Tell", the energy stayed up the rest of the night. He addressed the crowd toward the end of the night saying he would need to suck on a bag of lemons to get the smile off his face. He also noted that he would keep coming back to Lincoln as many times as we would have him and it wouldn't take 5 years next time. If the crowds reaction was any indication, they would have him back as often as possible.

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