Getting to know Come Together

I had the pleasure of sitting down with 4 fellow Beatlemaniacs on Friday night when I met with Come Together, a Beatles tribute band from Omaha. Come Together is Steve Glandt on drums, Steve Bowder on keys, Kelly Evans on guitar & the “new guy” Max Brochtrup on bass. These guys don’t put on costumes or use fake accents, but they do have matching shirts. The band formed in 2013 when the Steve’s got together and decided to do something with their mutual love of the Fab Four.

Q: How did you all come together?

Steve B.: It all started with a dream that I was playing with the Beatles. It was a recurring thing that just kept popping up. I told my wife that playing Top 40 wasn’t cutting it anymore, my passion was The Beatles. Being driven from the dream lead me to make a couple of calls and reach out to some contacts. We put together a few songs and from that we formed a band. Everyone melded together, and we wanted to make the songs perfect, not album perfect but live performance perfect because that’s how everyone wants to hear them. It was originally with a different guitar player, Dave Powell, that moved away to Mississippi. Originally, we were a 3 piece with me, Steve & Dave, but we decided we could probably play more places as a 4 piece, so we eventually hooked up with Kelly & Max and it’s been non-stop since. For places that can’t afford the 4 piece, we have a