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Come Together at The Side Room

Friday night Come Together took over the Side Room @ Ralston Arena for a 3-hour celebration of The Beatles. The guys from Come Together are 4 self-proclaimed Beatle freaks that really enjoy what they do. Coming off a record attendance show at Lauritzen Garden that drew more than 1,000 people, Steve B., Steve G., Max & Kelly brought their show to The Side Room for the first time. During the 3-hour non-stop show they blazed through 50+ songs, ranging from early Beatles to later solo songs from the members. The amazing thing about these 4 guys is they don’t take breaks. The only time there is a lull in music is when they are talking to the crowd or interacting with each other. They have a great chemistry, full of fun banter and plenty of dad jokes & bad puns. The only thing better than their chemistry is their harmonies. The band melds together so well that you sometimes forget you are seeing four regular guys from Nebraska and are transported to what it might have sounded like to hear the Beatles in the early days.

Throughout the night, the guys would adjust their set list, adding songs as they went with no help on the lyrics from a prompter. The standout moment of the night in my opinion came fairly early when they did the Abby Road Medley. The guys flowed through the songs with ease punctuated by an amazing drum solo by Steve G. Steve B. played the keyboard all night, providing the extra guitar parts and orchestral bits. Kelly played guitar with an amazing job on the solo in Something. Max provided bass for the evening, playing on a beautiful black & white Rickenbacker similar to the guitar John played, with Paul’s violin cut bass sitting in the background. One of the first things I noticed when I sat down to talk to these guys were the silver hammers on a chain around Max’s neck.

The guys in Come Together put on an amazing show. You can feel their love and appreciation for the music and The Beatles through the night. Be sure to check out my interview with the band to find out what brought them together and what to expect next.

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