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Big Laughs for a Little Man

Comedian Brad Williams is headlining The Funny Bone this weekend and it is not a show to be missed. In a night that is definitely not for the easily shocked, topics ranged from Therapy Animals to Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation and everything in between. The evening started with our host for the night Nick Allen warming up the crowd and talking about the horrors of getting older and realizing they are playing all your favorite songs while you grocery shop. Some of the jokes landed with the crowd, but there were some that fell flat. While talking about self-checkout at the grocery store the delivery was jumbled and didn’t connect with the audience, causing them to completely miss the punchline.

Chad Zumoch was the featured act. Coming to the stage with high energy, he said he loved Omaha because we will party for any reason, which was evident by a packed house on a thursday night at the comedy club. Chad went on to talk about being unmarried with no kids at 40 & stupid people at the airport. He was great with the crowd but knew everyone was looking forward to seeing Brad Williams.

Finally, Brad Williams hits the stage. He has 2 Showtime specials and will have a Netflix special premiering this fall. The first part of his show focuses on jokes about him being a midget, with requisite references to Keebler Elves, Lucky Charms & a pot of gold. Once the crowd settled in, Brad mentioned his support of the Wounded Warriors Fund which drew a large ovation from the crowd. The biggest laugh of the night came when he was talking about mixed race relationships. He said he was all for them except in one instance, his 3’7” friend that is dating a 6’2” black man. He didn’t need to elaborate his concerns but did state it was really just a matter of science. The entire table of people with me were in tears as was the rest of the crowd. The evening ended with Brad talking about therapy animals on planes and people that take advantage of the system. Having worked at the airport for a couple of years, I can attest to the variety of animals that come through with passengers. I understand therapy dogs and cats, but the therapy peacock, pig or wallaby have always confused me. Next time you fly out, be on the lookout for Brad Williams, therapy dwarf!

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