Please allow me to introduce myself...

Welcome to Live & Loud with Lucy! This is my little corner of The Omaha View for reviews and information about upcoming events I'm excited for! Since we will be spending a bit of time together, I figured I would introduce myself.

I'm a single mother to twin teenagers and I'm a huge nerd for music, movies & superheroes. I know you're thinking to yourself "how could a catch like this still be single?"...I don't get it either. I enjoy conversations with people in the form of Top 5 lists. I will gladly muse about my top 5 anything to anyone that listens. I'm a firm believer that music has magical powers that can transport you through time, change your mood or make you remember things long forgotten. If you're curious, my top 5's are listed below.

I will be posting my reviews here as well as various other musings from the Omaha area. If there is something you think I should check out, a show, a band, an album...anything, let me know! I'm on twitter (@Lucy_OmahaView) or email (

Top 5 Musicians: