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Bobby Harden Is The 'River Of Soul'

Bobby Harden. I would like to say, “nuff said” because he is just that amazing. But that would be unfair to the new listeners, I hope this review brings. I will never stop listening to this

New York City man or his latest album River Of Soul, bottom line.

The smooth, jazzy sounds of Fourplay, the sexy vocal style of Al Green and even a hint of funk of the Commodores, throw this all into one man and you have, Bobby Harden.

As always, I will start off with my favorite song on the album, "Where Is the Love." A a cry of apology to his scorned lover, who left him, after he stepped out on her. This song has the attraction of the late 70s, with the horns, piano and backup singers providing harmony with emphasis on the chorus. Marvin Gaye was once quoted as the “panty dropper” of sexual soul music, but Marvin may have a run for his money with Bobby Harden.

I am not trying to avoid being critical of Mr. Harden’s music but when I say there is not one song on this album that I could find fault with, I mean, not one. This is now my go-to album; when I am driving, background music when I am cooking and most definitely my go to music when my date night becomes a late, late date night.

If you love R&B, soulful music, and if you like the cool vocals of a singer, then my recommendation is Bobby Harden and his new album River Of Soul. You won’t be disappointed.

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