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Remember when you were a kid, and you would listen to that music, you know the scandalous kind your mom didn’t approve of? Nevertheless, you did anyway, because it was good and your mom just didn’t “get it.” Welcome to the music of RGF, a band whose self-titled album delivers a psychedelic, alternative rock sound with a big splash of vocal theatrics.

Let’s start the scandal off with the first song on the album and the one that is sure to be a hit. “Blue Angel,” a song with risqué lyrics that run parallel with an upbeat groove and animated vocals.

Heavy bass and distorted riffs in songs like "Tambourine Girl" gives a kind of texture that makes a hard-rock song, great. To say that you can throw RGF into one genre is impossible. But isn’t that what makes good music, art?

The album's tracks do not follow a theme as each song has its own personality. The entire album does have one very important similarity, a path, a path that will let you choose right or left and whichever one you take will lead you to something “on your face.”

A little dirty, maybe even a little political but a trip none the less. The journey you take is written in the songs of the album, and the leader of that journey will be the band, RGF.

I am proud to say I have had this CD in my car for the last couple weeks and have no intentions of removing it for a while.

I would like to introduce to you RGF:


Scott-bass and backing vocals




You can hear their music at rgfamerica.com

Or https://www.facebook.com/rgfomaha/


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