Collective Soul and Gin Blossoms

Performing together live at the The Stir Cove (Harrahs Casion) in Council Bluffs, Ia Aug. 30, 2019 The Gin Blossoms fired through an eighty or ninety minute set that included all the hits that you know and love. Of course Hey Jealousy is the band’s most recognizable song, I was definitely fan that night. But the Gin Blossoms is one of those bands that you probably know more of their music than you thought you might have. Their awesome set included Follow You Down, Even the Losers which was of course a great Tom Petty cover, Allison Road, Til I Hear It From You, Found Out About You, and Hey Jealousy. At set break I chatted with a fan of Collective Soul, who explained how she loved both bands

Ringo gets by with a little help from his friends at Stir Cove

"Is Ringo the b est drummer in the world? He isn't even the best drummer in The Beatles." The classic line many thought John Lennon said (but was in fact said by UK Comedian Jasper Carrott in 1983) adds to the character given to Ringo Starr, the butt of the jokes. Ringo himself plays into this and has some fun with it. At one point during his concert at Stir Cove Friday night, Ringo mentioned that he had written several songs while in the Beatles, they were just never recorded. Not only did Ringo sing Beatles songs and solo stuff, his supporting band brought their own "Starr" power and put together an amazing set. Ringo came bounding out on stage after the rest of the band took their places

Slash Gives Me Back My Moment

As a teenager Guns N' Roses were never my favorite band. I knew one or two songs I had heard on the radio. To be honest I only knew them because of my then boyfriend’s interests. I hadn’t heard of the song “Welcome To The Jungle” until I was a senior in high school when someone had carved the lyrics “Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games we got everything you want honey, we know the names.” At the time I was more fascinated with the fact that all of that could be carved on the desk with an ink pen, or yet carved all that and not be seen by the teacher. As I sat in that desk every day, I read the lyrics over until I knew them. What I hadn’t known was the lyrics to follow and that sound A

The Fan's View of Tenacious D

The afternoon was sultry- rain fell off and on for most of the afternoon and the heat of the summer sun gave way to a later evening of a crowd giddy with the excitement of none other than Jumanji star Jack Black, Kyle Gass and the band during the Tenacius D concert at the Pinewood venue. With an upwards of approximately 5000 guests – a full house - from my position every seat was taken. For whatever reason the show did not actually start until around 9 pm but fans were immediately electrified when Jack Black hit the stage, opening with a homage to his website cartoon series of the same name 'Apocalypto' the sequel to his iconic “The Pick of Destiny.” Although many of the band’s songs use c