Bublé croons at Pinnacle Bank Arena

Michael Bublé brought his velvety smooth voice to Lincoln to serenade the crowd once again, 5 years after opening the arena. After taking time off in 2016 to be with his family while his son Noah battled cancer, he returned to the road this year with his wife and children along for the ride to celebrate successful treatment. Bublé mentioned many times through out the night how grateful he was to be back on the road and how much he appreciated the fans coming out to see him. While it sounds cliche, it truly seemed genuine when he said it. He started the night appearing at the top of a flight of stairs flanked by an orchestra on both sides while belting out the James Bond sounding "Feeling

Rock and Roll Never Forgets....

📷 Rock and Roll. What makes us love it or hate it? I am Penny and I am going to tell you why I love it, what I love about it and what makes a musician pick up an instrument and what makes the rest of the world listen. I grew up in the Omaha, Ne that's mentioned in two famous songs, "Turn The Page." by Bob Segar  and "American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad. My love of music started when I was probably around the age of four. Singing to songs like Hotel California in their entirety before I was even in school. When I was young, my mom would take me to her friend's house with her and I would be found sitting near the turntable. An entire stereo set sitting on plywood and propped up by cinder bl

Taddy Porter by Penny Pepperstein

📷I had been looking for the perfect band to begin my blogging and last night I was given that opportunity. My friend decided to take me to see Slash at Harrah’s Stir Concert Cove last night to “kick things off” so to speak and although my dream would have been to interview the “man in the top-hat who plays a mean Les Paul” I was not at all disappointed to find myself standing in front of four amazingly talented musicians who go by the name of Taddy Porter.  These southern rockers from Oklahoma started the night off with a hard driving drum beat along with a smooth bluesy bass that makes the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” no longer a metaphor to be taken lightly. Doug and Kevin Jones (

Lesson learned

📷 By, Penny Pepperstein So here I am, 3:45 in the morning with not a chance of falling asleep and the only thing I can think of to do is write. Now you may ask what in the world would anyone have to write about at that hour? Well for me, it is always about music. I haven’t written my blog in a while, and I have been getting a lot of inquiries about it. I would like to say that it has to do with my official project of becoming an unofficial manager for my best friend’s music career. I have set myself the task of helping him do certain things he would eventually get around too himself, but it makes his life a tad bit easier knowing he has someone he trusts making a few decisions. Make calls t

My Evening With Sick Puppies

📷        I initially saw Sick Puppies at the Qwest Center in Omaha when they were one of the opening acts for Nickelback’s Dark Horse tour in May of this year (2010). They were the first band to take the stage that night, and I was completely blown away. Until that night, I had only heard one song titled “Your Going Down” and not much else. “Holy shit” I kept saying over and over, like I had discovered them in an unknown bar instead of an 18,000 seat auditorium. I was awestruck. Although I was truly impressed by all the band members, what stuck in my mind most about that performance was the tiny lady bassist who kept doing a full-on head bang as she hung on tight with a bass guitar that was

Penny's Back! Let The Interviews Begin At Benevolent Studios!

📷 Benevolent Studios By, Penny Pepperstein Do you remember the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, Ne? I know I do. Some of the best named artist played in that venue. From L.A. Guns in 1988 to the last performance featuring Mindless Self Indulgence in May of 2005. If you live in Omaha or the surrounding area you have at least heard of the Ranch Bowl. You may have even been there before and remember seeing a band for the first time, that memory lives on forever. Just like any good concert you have been too. You will talk about it for decades with your old friends and your new friends. Terry Daniels and Em Taulborg are a husband and wife team that believe in two things: good tattoo's and good live music. O

Prince Died Today...

He may seem like just another musician or celebrity but to me, he was more than just Prince. I can’t believe it has taken something like this for me to write about him. I began my journey with Prince when I was about 13. He was everywhere. Movie, albums, songs, etc.…you couldn’t throw a rock without hearing his name. The movie Purple Rain had been released to HBO that same year and all I wanted was to watch and hear what everyone was talking about. Back then Purple Rain could only be seen at night due to its sexual content. I remember staying up late on a school night to watch it; it would air at midnight, and my mom had gone to bed at nine. Right at midnight I crept out of my room into the

Domestic Blend

📷 Hey, Penny here! Welcome back to Harney Street Tavern. I had such a good time last night that I had to go back again tonight. The band on the menu tonight had one of the more original names I had heard in awhile, Domestic Blend. 📷Domestic Blend is an original band with numerous genres of music. Reggae/soul/r&b and oh yes my fave, rock. Reggae and soul seem to be their home base, making everyone bounce their heads easily to the music. "Talk About It"  had a mature, adult contemporary feel that snuggling up close on the dance floor became an obsession. I just don't think my friend would have been to keen on that. Talk About It is a definite hit and should be on the air all across the globe

Penny Is Down Under with The North Fork

MAY2 By, Penny Pepperstein Dude! Wait! Let me explain… This was my first time in the new location of The Down Under located on 35th and Leavenworth and I give a kudos, the design has more room and more tables. The lighting feels more like a venue than just a bar and the stage is raised and the bands are so much easier to see now. I am going to make this The Down Under a home bar for myself. The prices were so reasonable! I spent ten dollars, three beers makes me a light weight, but even you heavy weights out there won’t be able to complain. Now let’s get down to the main event. I found the band The North Fork on the DU (Down Underwill be referred to as DU for the remainder of this article) w

Arlo Guthrie and Penny's Delorean

📷 By, Penny Pepperstein Arlo Guthrie reminded me that you can go back in time, and you don’t need a DeLorean to do it. When I was a kid, listening to the radio in the car was the biggest treat, well, except for maybe going to the Drive-In at the Skyview. The radio was made up of huge push buttons and if you wanted to save that station you had to pull out the button and then push it back in, (yep I am going to age the sh*t outta myself today). A lot of the radio stations in Omaha, NE back then were mostly AM including WOW, KOIL, KFAB and a few talk and sports stations. But what I loved most were the sing-along songs. You know the ones that tell a story? Music such as John Denver, Elvis Presl

Kansas! Winger! Ralston Arena! Penny’s Virginity! (part 1)

📷 By, Penny Pepperstein Have I got your attention? Awesome!  No, I did not lose my virginity to anyone tonight but this was a night of firsts. This was my first big concert opportunity to write a review and take photos. This was my first time seeing Winger, Kansas and my first time in The Ralston Arena. Hence…you get it.  This is a two part review as I wanted to give each band their own Spotlight. Let me start off the first half of the show with a band that will most definitely, age me. Winger was the quintessential 80’s metal hair band and the 80’s is my generation of music and…hair. Yes, I had a crush on Kip Winger, along with every other 80’s rocker chick had back in the day (did I just

Kansas, Winger, Ralston Arena and Penny’s Virginity! (part 2)

📷 By, Penny Pepperstein Part two…again You know, I wrote my original review of the Kansas performance in a hurry as to get it posted for my readers. As soon as I hit send I realized I had made a mistake. The mistake was not giving a review that the band deserved. I stayed up late trying to say everything I had seen and heard in a few short paragraphs. Nice and easy. I think Tina Turner said that once, but that’s not how I write. Let me explain…I had only heard Kansas on the radio when I was a kid. I never owned any of their records (that’s how we old peeps say vinyl). I mean I could identify a handful of songs and I could tell you that it was Kansas singing that song. I couldn’t tell you an

*The Ozone and The Hangover*

📷 by,Penny Pepperstein Ever been to the Ozone? Ever seen Hi-Fi Hangover? This is Penny Pepperstein and I want to tell you how I got to experience both last night. The Ozone is a premiere live music venue attached to Anthony’s Steakhouse on 72nd and F Streets. With an amazing new Terrazzo dance floor, lifted center stage, a cozy fireplace and soft lighting, this lounge packs a full house with live music six nights a week. I arrived early and wiggled my way through an already busy Ozone, and I noticed the smoky mirrors that gave the room a classy, upscale look. Diane, one of the several bartenders, smiled and listed off several drinks assuring me of a fully stocked bar. She hooked me up with

Shania Twain, Feels Like A Woman!

📷 Shania Twain, Queen Of Country Pop! By Penny Pepperstein CenturyLink, Omaha, NE May 18th 2018 There she was, in all her diva glory. Shania Twain. Wearing beautiful designer outfits amongst her lovely sweetness. For two hours Shania sang all her greatest hits, peppered with a few from her latest album, Now! As Shania danced and talked and sang to her fans, four huge blocks made up a screen with floating hearts, animal prints and boosted the star up towards the heavens. The backup singers included, ladies looking sexy and cute while singing and flirting, the guys were buff and hot while line dancing as they teased Shania and were just as much apart of the performance as