Weezer rocks Maha

As I warned you before, this is a totally biased opinion about how awesome Weezer is. First, a little back story, I have been a Weezer fan for as long as I can remember. Rivers has always sung about not being popular or being one of the cool kids, he made me appreciate not being normal when I was younger and now I’ve reached the age that I realize there really is no such thing as normal. Enough back story on my love of Weezer and Rivers, especially Rivers *sigh* *swoon*. Not only was the set full of hits and sing-alongs, Rivers knew exactly how to work the crowd. The band barely stopped to talk while blowing through songs. The night began with the voice of Al Molinaro, you may remember

A Totally 80's Affair @ Stir

Saturday night I hopped in my DeLorean and traveled back to the 80’s at Stir Cove. The weather was perfect for an outdoor show for the second night in a row. A crowd ranging in ages from infant to baby boomers gathered to see Tom Bailey of The Thompson Twins and Boy George & Culture Club. Tom Bailey took the stage in all white with his female backing band. Touring to support his first pop release in over 20 years, Bailey brought all the synth sound you can handle and a catalog of beloved hits. Playing a couple of tracks from his new record “Science Fiction” that easily blended with the Thompson Twins hits that everyone knew, the crowd enjoyed every minute. Before playing “If You Were He

Girls Run the Show @ Stir

Beyoncé said it best, “Who runs this mother? Girls!” Friday night at Stir Cove, the ladies took over and showed that the heavily male dominated metal genre isn’t a boy’s club anymore. Starting off the night was New Year’s Day. The band has been around since 2005 and they gained popularity through word of mouth & Myspace promotions. The band has had a revolving door of members with the only constant being Ash Costello. She took the stage looking like New 52 Harley Quinn with her black & red hair and she knew her job was to hype the crowd for the remaining bands. Ash did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up despite what sounded like mic troubles for the first couple of songs. Whi

Rick Springfield Is Right In The Middle

Rick Springfield Is Right in The Middle By, Penny Pepperstein Sometimes I write a concert review in chronological reverse of appearance. Starting with basically the headliner and end the article with the opening band. Well, tonight my friends I am going to start right smack dab in the middle. Rick Springfield was second of three in the line up and without a doubt my favorite show of the night. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a hardcore Rick fan. From about the age of 12 and my best girlfriend at the time had the vinyl (back then we just called them an album) of Working Class Dog with the ever so popular hit “Jessie’s Girl”. It also featured “Love Is Alright” and “I’ve Done Everything.

Come Together at The Side Room

Friday night Come Together took over the Side Room @ Ralston Arena for a 3-hour celebration of The Beatles. The guys from Come Together are 4 self-proclaimed Beatle freaks that really enjoy what they do. Coming off a record attendance show at Lauritzen Garden that drew more than 1,000 people, Steve B., Steve G., Max & Kelly brought their show to The Side Room for the first time. During the 3-hour non-stop show they blazed through 50+ songs, ranging from early Beatles to later solo songs from the members. The amazing thing about these 4 guys is they don’t take breaks. The only time there is a lull in music is when they are talking to the crowd or interacting with each other. They have a

Getting to know Come Together

I had the pleasure of sitting down with 4 fellow Beatlemaniacs on Friday night when I met with Come Together, a Beatles tribute band from Omaha. Come Together is Steve Glandt on drums, Steve Bowder on keys, Kelly Evans on guitar & the “new guy” Max Brochtrup on bass. These guys don’t put on costumes or use fake accents, but they do have matching shirts. The band formed in 2013 when the Steve’s got together and decided to do something with their mutual love of the Fab Four. Q: How did you all come together? Steve B.: It all started with a dream that I was playing with the Beatles. It was a recurring thing that just kept popping up. I told my wife that playing Top 40 wasn’t cutting it any

Big Laughs for a Little Man

Comedian Brad Williams is headlining The Funny Bone this weekend and it is not a show to be missed. In a night that is definitely not for the easily shocked, topics ranged from Therapy Animals to Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation and everything in between. The evening started with our host for the night Nick Allen warming up the crowd and talking about the horrors of getting older and realizing they are playing all your favorite songs while you grocery shop. Some of the jokes landed with the crowd, but there were some that fell flat. While talking about self-checkout at the grocery store the delivery was jumbled and didn’t connect with the audience, causing them to completely miss the punchline.