The Upright Man Is Laid Back

The New York band Upright Man, released its self-titled debut album on Aug. 18th 2017. It seems they have been labeled as part of the Indie-Rock genre but there is no genre that truly fits this band. With the harmony of the Eagles, the psychedelic style of Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead and sounds of Zeppelin, the Beatles, and maybe just of touch of Alice In Chains puts this threesome to the talented side of the eclectic, music spectrum. This cocktail of genres, lets you easily tell who the Upright Man’s music influences are. I always like to start a review with the song on the album that I like best. Track #4 “Upright Man” is a bluesy, bass driven sound and harmonious vocals of all three

Pat Benatar and Penny's Hairbrush

By Penny Pepperstein 📷The amount of women artists in rock music today is almost equal too the men. Girls have more choice in who their music idols are now. Back in the earlier days of the 60s and 70’s hard rockin’ ladies were fewer and farther between. I bet you can name a few of the female rockers you know paved the way for the latest generation, and you know who will pave tomorrow’s generation, too.  Now, I am no musician unless of course you count my hairbrush days. (I’ll explain in a moment) Most of my favorite rock stars are men, but the women of rock are who made me strong. There was nothing like coming home after school, pissed off at someone (usually guys) and throw on Heart, Stevie


Remember when you were a kid, and you would listen to that music, you know the scandalous kind your mom didn’t approve of? Nevertheless, you did anyway, because it was good and your mom just didn’t “get it.” Welcome to the music of RGF, a band whose self-titled album delivers a psychedelic, alternative rock sound with a big splash of vocal theatrics. Let’s start the scandal off with the first song on the album and the one that is sure to be a hit. “Blue Angel,” a song with risqué lyrics that run parallel with an upbeat groove and animated vocals. Heavy bass and distorted riffs in songs like "Tambourine Girl" gives a kind of texture that makes a hard-rock song, great. To say that you can thro